I Always Break Something Right Before Race Day

I Always Break Something Right Before Race Day

Young up and comer Gary Musler Jr. is no stranger to mud, but his truck Wicked Over Budget also cleans up really well. Fresh off a Boston World of Wheels show First place win, I caught up with Gary Musler Jr. to talk shows, specs, and all things offroad.

  • Truck Name: Wicked Overbudget
  • Owner/Driver/Where From: Gary Musler Jr. from Barrington, NH
  • Years Owned: 8
  • Truck Model: 1946 dodge w100
  • Engine: 500ci Chrysler with a 25% over 671 supercharger on 118 fuel with devils own meth injection below carbs
  • Tires/Lift: 47 inch tall superior tractions
  • Awards/Competitions Won: all kinds of mud and car shows.
  • Favorite Mud Parks/Events: 4×4 proving grounds
  • Fun Fact about Your Truck: It was built as old Grand Dad 3 monster truck in the early 80’s, and was passed around and named many things until I found her pretty beat up and rough. It’s awesome to hear stories of what she used to be and what she is now. I have redone 90% of the truck to make it “mine”.

WD: What got you in to the mud biz? How long have you been at it?

Gary: trail riding was getting harder and harder to do with laws and cops and it sucked to build something that you needed to drive to work also. Funny fact, Kurt Zeller got me into it way back in 2008.

WD: You do shows fairly often, do you have a preference between shows and offroading?

Gary: I’d rather be racing actually. I usually only do shows when I get asked to do them specifically or when racing gets too expensive, lol.

WD: Married? Kids? Are they involved?

Gary: No kids and I am single!!!!

WD: If you could get behind the wheel of any other truck which would it be? Do you have a favorite truck besides your own?

Gary: That’s a tough one! I love Farm Jeep but my favorite has always been Big Nasty, down south. Always loved watching it on trucks gone wild.

WD: What keeps you in the game?

Gary: The fun. The push to always make it better and knowing it’s what I make of it. There’s no one telling me how it needs to be built. And yes, it’s a money sport but comes down to personality how the truck is driven and built.

WD: Do you have any rituals or habits prior to a race day?

Gary: It seems I always break something right before race day, haha. So, it’s often fixing something with my buddy Chuck from Maine Specialty Auto. The breaks range from something minor to a complete engine tear out, build, and install in a few days.

WD: If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would you go?

Gary: I really want to visit Germany or Italy.

WD: What’s one fun non-mud related fact we might not know about you?

Gary: I played goalie for a youth select USA ice hockey team right after college in Sweden.

You can find more Wicked Over Budget action at

Photo Credit: Over Budget Racing 


Photo Credit: Taber Andrews





Photo Credit: A Secret Productions


Photo Credit: BLM Photography



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