Why do Truckers Truck… It’s Trucker Appreciation Week!

Why do Truckers Truck… It’s Trucker Appreciation Week!

Truckers are vital part of the economy and have such an important role in everything, from the groceries we get to the Amazon packages we order, fuel and beyond. This week is Trucker Appreciation Week and we wanted to find out from a few of our friends how they got in to truck driving and what their favorite thing about it is!

Mike Taylor, 31, Creighton, Missouri 
“I wanted to drive big trucks when I was a little kid. I guess I just love driving. I never get tired of driving either. I guess my favorite part is making really good money to drive around all day. Sure it has its drawbacks but I would probably do it for free if I didn’t have bills to pay. Don’t tell my boss that last part.”

Mike Moskalenko, 47, Lebanon, New Hampshire AKA Blue Bayou
“I got into cross country driving delivering horses! Loved meeting new people! The different cultures and ways of life. Waking up every morning with a different sunrise. Lol or different sunset! All the different weather patterns. Mother nature can be a bear at time but was always up for the challenge! The freedom of owning your own truck, going where you want to go! Sometimes the bills, taxes, fuel,maintenance is a bear but it all comes with the package! Why i got into truck driving?……the money! You can make a decent living driving. I have been here at gmh for 8yrs now…. I do alright!

Allen Matthews, 45, Florence, South Carolina –
“Pay is awesome, not stuck in a cubicle! Always outside!!! Lol and no damn boss man breathing down your neck all day!!!”

Robert Sommers Jr, 43, Forked River, New Jersey
“I got in to it cause my dad did it his whole life and I thought it was pretty cool and 2 I love the freedom and seeing the country”

Jason Needham, 37, Pilot Mountain, North Carolina
“I started driving a truck for financial security and my children’s future. With hauling cars I can pretty much make my own work schedule to work around my time with my kids. My favorite part of hauling cars is it’s like putting a jigsaw puzzle together every day. Its something different every day as well.”

Ed Weber, 48, Cheektowaga, New York
“When I was young boy from when I was born my dad was truck driver and I went on trips with him when I was around 12 and I couldn’t wait to drive one and do what my dad did he was my hero and made good living for our family and 2 I love going to work everyday nothing beats driving down the thruway just you and your truck when I’m having bad day I get in that truck and get on the road it clears my head and there’s no better feeling.”

Perry Dietz, 52, Russell, Kansas
“I thought I was going to get rich I’m still waiting on that . I do like being self employed and I can look back at the road or airport we just built and have some pride for what we got finished.

Micheal Beane, 36, Pilot Mountain, North Carolina
“Within 6 months I had been to 48 states. Now I have been to 48 Canada and mexico. Not many people can say that. I quit driving because of a knee and back injury but got back into the office side of things and I am now a terminal manager. I love it. Best job I have ever had. It is very very stressful but I like the challenge. Thanks. I will tell you most drivers favorite thing. The fact that there is no one looking over there shoulder all day while they work. It is a little bit of freedom out there on the road.”

Thom Boyles, Wickenburg, Arizona
“My daughter got sick, I left flight school and had to have a job I could train for quickly. The freedom is my draw. I’ve been to every province of Canada, every state in the US, every state in Mexico, and Belize driving. The adventure is there, if you get into the right specialty.”

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