What’s Really Wrong With The Mega/Mud Truck Community

What’s Really Wrong With The Mega/Mud Truck Community

This post is going to sting a little. And I honestly don’t know where to begin. But after a hour long call this morning with someone who has been in the game for a long time and wants out, I was inspired. Inspired to provide my two cents on what is happing in the mud/mega world all around me. By NO means am I the authority on this, and before you all state the obvious I am still, in the grand scheme of things, brand new to this world. So take it all with a grain of salt and as you wish. But after 3 plus years, These are my thoughts.

Facebook is the devil

It is the best and the worst promotional tool out there. It provides an open opportunity for people to bash one another, It brings out the worst in people, it gives us an opportunity to unleash our thoughts in the moment, but never be able to take them back.

I am not too proud to say I fall victim to this very problem. A few years ago, I openly called someone stupid on facebook. A kid. To this day, it is a moment that I regret. IT WAS STUPID. It made me look stupid and it was mean. It will make you look stupid too. I was able to learn from it. But…. there are plenty of others who will never learn. This leads me in to my next point.

Keyboard Warriors

Facebook and Keyboard Warriors go hand and hand. You know them, maybe you are one of them. These are the guys/girls who take every opportunity they can to take a stab at someone. Someone’s truck, someone’s motor, the way someone carries his/herself. What they ate for dinner. And I’m not talking about in a fun and playful way either. Keyboard Warriors are habitual mean people and they suck. STOP IT.

Promoter Haters

Promoter Haters find ways to complain about events publicly with having never held an event in their life. If there were not promoters, there would never be events to attend, never be places to run your trucks, atvs, utvs. If there wasn’t someone willing to put their money on line for you to have a good time, the sport/hobby may literally die out. And some people will say, well… we like to play in the field, we can get our own group together. Totally fine, but there are at least 5 to 10 people, who look forward to events. Promoter Haters drag the souls of promoters down. A promoter puts their heart and soul in to an event or series, their time, their money… their name. Just to quite literally have it drug through the mud. If you think these promoters are making millions of dollars you are WRONG. Well, I take that back… I can speak for many of us, but not all.

Again, I’m not ashamed to say I have said some things about some other promoters. It’s shameful. Because like myself, many of them are just trying to do their very best. And it gives me no right whatsoever to critique what they are doing. The next time you attend an event, that you aren’t so pleased with let me give you a couple of options. Message the event page or organization privately, call the organizer, send them a letter in the mail. DO NOT, drag them through the ringer on social media. It doesn’t make you look cool. It doesn’t make you look like a bad ass. What it makes you is a Key Board Warrior, see definition above. STOP IT.

Note: The above thoughts still do not justify shady promoter behavior.

Race Series/Event Problems

We have too many. Rules are never consistent. Plain and simple. Everyone is trying to create the latest and greatest race series, Mud event. There are races on top of races, events on top of events. Promoters are selling their souls to make sure they have the best trucks at their events. Will talk shit about another promoter or series and their rules just to get people at a certain race. Some people charge registration fees, some don’t. We don’t work together, we often work against each other. Also… guilty —> me.


Too often we spend our time talking about people, finding ways to cut down opportunities they have been provided. Maybe it’s jealousy, but maybe it’s not. Maybe next time, we should mind our own business. Maybe next time we should say, “O hey, that’s not my thing, but good for you, have fun.” Who are we to judge what someone else does with their time?

Maybe there are some “superstars” out there. Maybe there are some people who get more attention than others. Maybe there are some people who get paid for appearances, maybe there are people you just don’t like. I have a list myself. But over the years, I’ve learned to just keep it to myself. Jealously makes bitter angry people. Maybe you don’t see it as jealously, but when you put it out there on social media, we do. Don’t do it. Move on… STOP IT.

Big Heads

People who think they are the shit. STOP IT. Last I checked you put your pants on one leg at a time too. At one point no one but your momma knew who you were. Don’t ever forget that.


This will cover all things money. Because at the end of the day, that’s what everything leads back to. We’ll start with event costs. I’ve seen so many comments about ticket prices to events across the country. How they cost so much. You might think the promoters are just trying to make a dime. And that may be the case in some instances. But there are A LOT of things that go in to the cost of an event. From porta johns, to security to insurance.

Drivers getting paid. Who cares. If they get paid to attend an event good for them. If they don’t, and they still want to go, good for them. Not your truck, not your trailer, not your fuel money. Leave it alone. STOP IT.

As far as I know this is FUN for everyone, these are hobbies. Some people have just been able to take it to the next level. Don’t forget to have fun. You got in this to have FUN.

and Lastly…


Hear something? Have a question? Concerned? Send a text, call, email. This isn’t 1915, it’s pretty easy, find a way. Stop spreading rumors. Just STOP IT.

That’s it, I could go on, but some of you are already cussing me as it is and that’s ok. Again, we’ll state the obvious, I’ve only been looking in on everyone 3+ years. But in the past year, I feel like I have seen things go down hill across the board. And it sucks. I get a lot of calls, I guess people like an ear to vent to. I love a majority of the people I get to hang out with at these events. But we have to do better. We have to stop tearing each other down and lets try to help each other out. Let’s share ideas, concerns. Ways to make things better.

I encourage other promoters to contact me to see if we can squash anything that has happened in the past and come together for one mega event. I don’t know where that would be. Or how it would begin to go down. But I’m willing to try. I hate to see this bitter back and forth constantly on social media. It’s made me want to quit time after time. But, I’m not ready to give up just yet. This is a cool sport. This is a very cool community to be a part of. One I never knew about.  One I want to and will continue to work for it until my very last button is pushed.

And let me just say again, I am guilty of everything in this post and will be taking a dose of my own medicine.

I can be contacted at if you need me.



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