What Racing In The North Means To Me

What Racing In The North Means To Me

Welcome to the North. Home to vast mountain ranges, Vermont Maple Syrup, “BeanTown”, famous Maine Blueberries, former home of the “Old Man in the Mountain”. Here you’ll find plenty of crazy racers with a little more “moxie” than some. A place like no other, and you’re sure to enjoy it.


Now before we start trying to define the line of what is considered “North”, let’s be clear. We’re talking New England. Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Though it’s on the rare side that too many of us see Connecticut and Rhode Island, we wouldn’t want to leave them out because fellow mudders from these states often travel up to race with us in participating states. There’s your geography for the day, friends.

Considering the geography and where we hit on the map, the North has a lot to offer when you come up for a spin. You’ll find a plethora of places to wheel your truck, off-road parks galore, and the friendliest bunch of “grumpy Mainahs” and “Massholes” you’ll ever meet. It’s rare in these states to drive a full hour between stops and not find another place to unload your truck and have some fun. Don’t be strayed though, participating tracks run in a tight set of events you won’t wanna miss.


In the North, there’s no shortage of high flying jumps. 4×4 Proving Grounds offers a stadium jump for those who dare to try it, as well as an obstacle course that keeps high flying fun happening. Almost every track you’ll see has a bump in the bog or “Hill N’ Hole”, no matter where you go. Barnyard All Terrain offers a long jump on special occasion that offers huge air, and can humble even the cockiest Big Jump Junkie. Northwoods Mud Runs offers a HUGE gap jump, and if you’re willing to take the hike is one of the best hidden offroad gems in Northern Maine.

There’s plenty of Mud to be found too, don’t you worry. The most noted “deep mud” by a long shot is actually the infamous Trench at Vermonster 4×4. A unique sandy creation, full of straight up “Gunk” and deep water, with large manfalling jumps midway through. Looking for the real, old school mud? Look no further than ToyFarm Mud Rally, or Oxford Deep Mud, depending on your state. Starting off at Toy Farm; You show up, pay your fee to run, and beat your truck all day through two single lane pits of blackened, dug up farmland. The mud is sticky, the owners are friendly, and the laid back style brings out plenty of the good ole’ boys of Northern racing. There’s always plenty of beer to go around. Head up to Oxford Deep Mud, and you’ll find some of the best hospitality in the racing world. Two classic pits of dark, chunky, Maine soil, the nicest owners you’ll ever meet, and one of the best food trucks to vend in the North! It doesn’t get more classic than these guys.

Aside from all of the amazing track features, the North also has some of the quirkiest, most honest, and true blooded people you’ll ever meet. Shop Techs, Drivers, Builders, we chat with them often, and sometimes it gets a little crazy. But, we love ‘em just the same. Here’s some blurbs, funnies, and good advice straight outta the Wicked North.

“Go to the events, without being too rambunctious. Don’t get kicked out. Ask as many questions to as many racers as you can! (Write them down when you get home). Do a bunch of research online and on different forums. Get opinions and tips from as many people as you can. The young peeps now are gonna keep the sport going! It’s really not rocket science… Figuratively speaking.” – Mike Kubat, long time Northern Mud Racing Veteran, and owner of the Swamp Donkey (New Hampshire)


“The best part about racing in Maine is the people. Everyone just wants to help each other be the best. Up here, it’s all about putting on a show on for the fans. We’re all there for the rush and the feeling of doing it.” – Kurt Phillips, Driver of Dirty Addiction. (Maine)


“Rollin on your side in the pit I think would be normal to do. But rolling in the corner, we would be pushing the limits! More exciting for the fans! Lol. We will try at least one of them this year! Could be a goal!” – Mike Moskalenko of Blu Bayou, on crazy ways to roll your truck. (New Hampshire)


“We drove Sarge home after a parade in downtown Ashby, MA. Keeping up with traffic down Rt 119, it didn’t handle so well on the street at 45mph.” – Nick Racine, Driver of Sarge on Shenanigans in their hometown of Ashby, Massachusetts.


“Building a Mega Truck is like birthing a child, it’s painful and expensive.” – Jake Moody, Fabricator/Chassis Builder and Driver of ShowStopper Mega Truck (New Hampshire)


When driver Jason Haber was asked what the craziest thing he’s ever done in an off-road vehicle was, his answer was easy… “DUH, A backflip! But also, I have won, beaten, pulled off the impossible at every event I’ve ever set foot at!!” (Vermont)


“I’d like to tow someone else’s mega truck to 4×4 Proving Grounds on a trailer, using my mega truck… or I’d like to do a Tug Of War the Dunkin Donuts parking lot with one of the Poor Boyz Crew” – Jeremy Whitehouse, Driver of General Destruction on Fun Illegal Things to do with a Mega Truck. (Maine)


When Southerners we’re asked about New England, they had similar views. Chilly, has a lot of Lobster, the fall is pretty, and someone even threw in “weird red hot dogs” which we can’t disagree with. But when asked the question “What comes to mind when you hear the term ‘Wicked North’?” They all had one thing in common… Randy Oakley, Mr. Vermonster. It’s no surprise, since he is the one who coined the term. Southerners also mentioned favorite drivers and friends to compete with including the likes of Matt Newell, Blu Bayou, and James Wood. No surprise there, these traveling bad boys are crowd favorites no matter where they race.


Overall we think we’ve proved that the North is by far a kind of its own in the racing community. We have fun, go hard, and keep after it year by year. In a place where space to go off-roading is literally unlimited, you’re never at a shortage of being Wheels Deep.



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