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Uncle Fester Mud Jeep

Uncle Fester Mud Jeep

Who says you have to be the biggest and the baddest out there to have some fun? This driver likes to joke about how he is “one of the little guys” but this week, he is our BadA$$. Doug Havens…a US Army Veteran from South Carolina and his Uncle Fester Mud Jeep, check them out!

  • Truck Name: Uncle Fester
  • Owner/Driver/Where From: Doug Havens from Lexington, SC
  • Years Owned: 1
  • Truck Model: Jeep Cherokee
  • Engine: 4.0 I6
  • Tires/Lift: 35/15.50/15 Super Swamper TSL on 2.5 inch lift
  • Awards/Competitions Won: Haven’t won any major races but I’ve won the hearts of a lot of fans.


Favorite Mud Parks/Events: Local track to race my favorite is BOGWild. Favorite track in general is Rush, KY

Fun Fact about Your Truck and/or Yourself: It only cost me $50 to race lol.

Facebook Page/Twitter Link if Available: not sure how to get my pages link but you can look up Uncle Fester Mud Truck

Sponsors: Southern Mud Mafia


What got you in to the mud biz? How long have you been at it? Guess from just playing on dirt roads and always getting tired of cops always busting up our rides. And for about 12 years.

Married? Kids? Are they involved? Married for 4 years and I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter. My wife’s involved but not my daughter, or at least yet.

If you could get behind the wheel of any other truck which would it be? A favorite truck besides your own? Well I would love to drive Jimmy Kirkland’s LowLife Ford, but my favorite truck is Adam Ford’s Shell Shock

What keeps you in the game? The fans and the friends I’ve met.

Do you have any rituals or habits prior to a race day? Not really I’m always in the pits talking.

What’s one fun non-mud related fact we might not know about you? I’m a US Army Veteran with deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan.


If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would you go? Ireland

What do you think the most important part of a truck is? Steering wheel cause without you couldn’t go anywhere lol

What is your daily driver? 1995 GMC Yukon

What is on the Horizon for you/your truck? Oh we got plans for a motor swap, axle swap and all the goodies.

How did your truck get it’s name? Was actually the last truck that made the name. My last jeep was so ugly and it wouldn’t die. Well one night I was watching Adams Family and thought to myself, Uncle Fester is ugly and won’t die just like my jeep. And well it stuck.



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