The Pirate Is One BadA$$ Mega Truck

The Pirate Is One BadA$$ Mega Truck
  • Truck Name: The Pirate
  • Owner/Driver/Where from: Scott Ford Owner/Driver and I am from Manchester NH
  • Years Owned: 16 fantastic years
  • Truck Model: Ford
  • Engine: 512 Cubic Inch Stroked Ford 460, Trick Flow Heads, Steel Crank, Forged Pistons “H” Beam Rods, Victor Sr Intake, Holley 1050 Dominator and to top it off a 400 Shot of Nitros.
  • Tires/Lift: 14.9 28’s and the lift is custom The Pirate stands 9 ft Tall.
  • Awards/Competitions Won: 4X4 Proving Grounds Lebanon Maine, Vermonster 4X4, Barnyard All Terrain, Toyfarm, Emdon Maine Race Park, Oxford Maine Mud Runs. Been featured and seen on the Trucks Gone Wild DVD’s as well as been in Mud Life Magazine Jan/Feb 2011. Many 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place runs.
  • Favorite Mud Parks/Events: Any Mud Park or Event is great, it is hard to just list any particular one, they all work so hard for the sport and all deserve praise for their passion for the sport.
  • Fun Fact about Your Truck and/or Yourself: I’m 51 years old and still racing with the same truck. If I’m not mudding in The Pirate I am mudding in my side by side Wildcat.
  • Facebook Page/Twitter Link if Available: @ThePerformancePlaceNH (facebook) and @thepiragemegatruck (facebook)
  • Sponsors: The Performance Place, Deerhead Bar and Grill, Family and Friends


What got you into the mud biz? How long have you been at it?

Road racing got me into too much trouble, I love big trucks and racing so what better than a sport where the two are combined. I’ve been doing this for over 20+ years.

Married? Kids? Are they involved?

I am not married, however have a girlfriend, Alicia who is very involved in my love for The Pirate and the sport. I have two children Craig and Nicole who have been my biggest fans and support system.

If you could get behind the wheel of any other truck which would it be? A favorite truck besides your own?

Grave Digger is a truck that I admire, however, there are so many awesome trucks to choose from it is hard to decide.

What keeps you in the game?

The fun, competition and there are so many great people that enjoy this sport. Also my family and friends are also a big part of this as well, it because a family affair, that makes it all worth it.

Photo Credit: Andrew W. Hastings

Do you have any rituals or habits prior to race day?

I confer with my team Roger Duval and Paul Martin, and we go over the truck. I say a prayer for my competitors and myself to have fun and be safe.

What’s one fun non-mud related fact we might not know about you?

I love to play guitar and love to go camping.

If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would you go?


What do you think the most important part of a truck is?

Absolutely the engine.

What is your daily driver?

Ford F150

What is on the horizon for you/your truck?

Compete as long as I can physically and financially support it.

How did you truck get its name?

I have always been intrigued by the sea, especially pirate’s and Vikings. They were feared and strong, which The Pirate definitely represents.
The Pirate is one bad-ass mega truck!!!!!

Photo Credit: Andrew W. Hastings

Photo Credit: Picture Perfect Studios

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