Southern Mud Outlaws Points Standings To Date

Southern Mud Outlaws Points Standings To Date

Moving in to the 3rd race for the The Southern Mud Outlaws points series, the competition is heating up!  After just two races David Tison in Sweat This is in the lead.

Check out the standings after race #2 below

The current SMO Top 10 Lists Include 

Mega Truck 
1. Barry Thompson-Intruder
2. Ricky Thompson-Invader
3. Micheal Thompson- All In
4. Mark Hurston-Runnit
5. David Tison-Sweat This
6. Scott Sweat-No Sweat
7. David Coulter-Monsterado
8. Matt Bonnette-Slime
9. Louis Smith-Tazmaniac
10. Cody Anthony-Fireproof

Unlimited Super Trucks 
2. Kevin Odom
3. Joesph Hilton
4. Josh Horne
5. Jack McCoy
6. William McArn
7. Adam Warder
8. Doug Johnson
9. Johnny Faulk
10. Lil Johnny Faulk

Less than 2 weeks away from race number 3 and the callouts are coming in hot!

for Thunder Valley Mudplex {August 4th & 5th}
•David Tison Calls out Mark Hurston on the first round of obstacle course
•Matt Bonette calls out David Coulter on the first round of obstacle course

Don’t miss race #3 at Thunder Valley Mudplex! See You In The Valley! 

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