Sneak Peak of Colt Ford’s New Song “My Truck”

Sneak Peak of Colt Ford’s New Song “My Truck”

It’s no secret we adore that chicken and biscuits loving redneck Colt Ford. He has a new album, “Love, Hope, Faith,” releasing May 5 and while we’ve heard “4 Lane Gone” in it’s entirety, he’s been sneaking clips of the rest of the album to his fans.

Colt Ford loves his fans, and as a part of releasing this new album it appears he has decided to pay it back to them for their loyalty. He is spending more than just a blink of an eye meet & greet with them, he’s taking actual time to get to know them, spend personal time with them and for some…. share his new music. It is here, in episode 2 of “Love, Hope, Faith… Fans” that we heard, “My Truck” and are totally digging it.

In the video we also heard a clip of  “Dynamite,” which is a super fun upbeat tune too. And these fans seem to have really enjoyed them both.

Because we are intense stalkers of great music, we’ve also heard a clip of “Reload” with Taylor Ray Holbrook. The preview for the new music video IS on his youtube channel so we didn’t have to stalk very far … Finger’s crossed we get to see the full video soon, because it looks bad ass.

If #4lanegone #Mytruck #dynamite and #reload of any indication of what is coming to us on the rest of the album… we absolutely cannot wait!

You can pre-order the album —> HERE


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