Scott Betts is ‘Too Sexy’ For His Own Good

Scott Betts is ‘Too Sexy’ For His Own Good

Scott Betts recently achieved something most kids probably dream of. Most boys, that is. Everyone’s idol, Mr Dennis Anderson and team built Betts’ newest “Too Sexy” Mega truck.

“This is actually #5,” he said. “Dennis contacted me about making some changes to the truck I had at the time. And after several conversations we decided to just start from scratch with a new build. And how could I say no to my childhood hero!!”

With Race 2 Riches at Taylor Country Boondocks on the horizon, we asked Betts who he thought his stiffest competition was, “David Tison, he’s on a big winning streak.” So, who is he least worried about? “Art Peifer,” he said. “He’s old!!”

Since he’s on Too Sexy #5, we asked, what is different in the newest edition?

  • Rear engine
  • Bigger tube in the cage
  • Built heavier
  • Better driveline angles
  • Went from 20″ to 26″ shocks, More user friendly to work on and maintain
  • We also added more safety features. Butler monster truck seat, fire suppression system, and a RII

So with a truck name like Too Sexy, it’s too easy to give him a hard time. But, how did the truck really get it’s name? “We were all standing around the shop drinking beer right after I had bought the first one,” said Betts. “It was a black square body Chevy. Someone commented on how it was just Too Sexy! Of course I’d had plenty of beer in me. So I said just like Me! So we went with Too “Also”Sexy!!

Just one, just one race is all the newest truck has seen. “We lost oil pressure and ruined an engine,” he said. “Bought another one, and trying again this weekend.”

The build itself took 6 months and here are a few additional details

  • 19.5-24. 540 cid 1471 blower
  • Rear steer
  • Body: 2010 Chevrolet
  • Transmission: FTI Glide
  • Shocks: CNC Overtime
  • FTI Transfercase
  • American force wheels
  • Sheet metal meritor axle housings

And if Mr Too Sexy himself Scott Betts could get behind the wheel of any other truck who’s would it be? “Dusty’s Above All.”

After nearly a 17 hour drive from Oklahoma to Georgia, we can’t wait to see Scott Betts Race for the Riches…


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