A Recent Trip to Mudstock in Howland, Maine

A Recent Trip to Mudstock in Howland, Maine

Our contributing writer Jon Balzarini recently too a trip to MudStock and this is what he had to say about his experience, the event and what is in store for Mud Run Concerts

I recently attended Mudstock 2017 put on by Mudrun Concerts/Seboeis Stream Mudruns in Howland, Maine on June 16-18. This was a great event with Awesome live music, and exciting Mud Action.

Friday consisted of several great local live music acts through the afternoon with The Lacs headlining later that evening, putting on a great show, to a enthusiastic crowd. Saturday brought a little mud action, with a “Run What Ya Brung” type of race through a particularly nasty section of trail on the property. The action was top notch and all the racers gave their all on the treacherous course.

That was followed up with another afternoon/evening of local live music with The Moonshine Bandits headlining that evening, playing a very patriotic set to a energetic crowd.
Both headliners played many of their well known hits along with some great new music off their new albums.

I spoke with the owner/operator of Mudrun Concerts, Merle Bickford, and he said He’s been putting on these types of events in conjunction with Seboeis Stream Mudruns for 7 years now. They have a annual Rock Gods Tribute Tour Event, but this is The first Mudstock event of this type as they attempt to expanding into some more country music/hick hop type shows. Merle said it was one of his fellow band members who came up with the idea of combining music with mud to help promote the bands and draw a bigger crowd to the events. They tried it for one show, and it was so much fun, that Merle decided to invest his time and money into making it what it is today. He’s done very well at making it something that music lovers and mud racers alike look forward to every year.

Sunday, is all about the mud. There’s a challenging deep mud pit for the trucks throughout 7 classes. I talked with Seboeis Stream Mudrun owner, Andy Cummings, who has been doing Mudruns on his property since the mid 80’s(84 or 85 to the best of his recollection) making it one of the oldest, still operating mud pits in Maine, and one of the longest with a 300′ deep mud pit. My earliest mud memories are from the late 80’s with my dad at this same mud pit. It was great to come back 30 years later and see it still very much the same as my childhood memories.

Andy said He has about 300 acres there total, but only about 50 of it developed into the mud pit, camping, and concert venue. And he says it’s his love of the sport, and hearing stories, like mine, of adults who have childhood memories there, that really keep him going in the game. He said it was Merle, who approached him and put the idea of bringing bands in on the events on the table, Andy said “Let’s try it”, and the rest is Mud History….

Sebeois Stream Mudruns/Mudrun Concerts next event is their hugely successful, Annual Rock Gods Tribute Tour on Sept. 15-17, 2017.

I was also informed that there will indeed be a Mudstock 2018. Merle and Andy have promised to raise the bar for 2018, and have Mudstock bigger and more exciting than ever.

Stay tuned to for announcements on next year’s lineup! Aside from the website, you can find both Mudrun Concerts, and Seboeis Stream Mudruns on Facebook as well to stay up to date on all the happenings.

I like to Thank Merle, and Andy, for taking a few minutes from their busy weekend to speak with me, and I’d like to wish them luck on all future events, as I feel this is a very great outlet for local music artists, and mud racers, all in one. I’m looking forward to what Mudstock 2018 will bring!!!

All Photo Credit: Jon Balzarini

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