Race To Riches Goes Next Level At Taylor County Boondocks for Mega/Monster Truck Event

Race To Riches Goes Next Level At Taylor County Boondocks for Mega/Monster Truck Event

In late October, one of the biggest, baddest Mega Truck races of the year is going down at Taylor County Boondocks. With an invite only roster, the truck list will sure not disappoint. To add to the Mega truck excitement, Friday night will include a $1,000 tug competition, Monster Truck Freestyle and music. Saturday is all about racing! And don’t forget you can camp and ride ALL weekend.

“I decided to do the Mega Truck Race to Riches because one, we had been out with MTS, took a year off, had some time to regroup and we miss everyone,” said Joey Beck. “We have been wanting to step in and do something bigger and off the wall. We are not trying to be a series, we are not trying to edge in on the other companies that are doing that. We are solely wanting to do a stand alone superbowl style event for the top racers in the industry.”

Taylor County Boondocks is notorious for large crowds, so you will want to get your tickets ahead of time.  And for the first time ever at TCB Monster Trucks will put on a show.This event that will not disappoint.

Trucks will be racing 2 hill in hole passes and 2 obstacle course passes on a new track Taylor County is building. Currently, all races are 2 at time format, and combined best passes of each event will determine the winner for the day!

The Massive payout for the trucks is as follows

1st. 10k
2nd. 5k
3rd. 3k
4th. 2k
5th. 1k
6th. 900
7th. 800
8th. 700
9th. 600
10th. 500

Crash of the day $500

Monster Trucks making an appearance include, Bad Company, Overbored and Miss Overboard

“This is invitation only, It is considered elite and special to get the invite we feel like the racers we are bringing are the best of the best and are going to put on the best show,” said Beck. “That is what the Race to Riches brand is all about. It is about premium, it is about going further than anything else. We just want to bring that in to Mega Trucks. We have had a lot of success with Rock Bouncers and feel like we can capitalize on that. Bring the fans what they want, a bigger badder show, with more fun, live announcing, concerts. We’re bringing in Monster Trucks and UTV racing for the UTV guys and we’re bringing it to an awesome park, Taylor County Boondocks. The biggest baddest park in Georgia and possibly the Southeast.”

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