MTS Spotlight: Nathan MacLaren in Chemical Reaction

MTS Spotlight: Nathan MacLaren in Chemical Reaction

Nathan MacLaren is our pick for this week’s Mega Truck Series spotlight. Since MacLaren lives in Ithaca, Michgian and is quite the haul from most of the MTS races, he has only been able to compete in one race at Rush, Kentucky where he took quite the tumble trying to show those southern boys, he was in it to win it. We’re hoping that all changes as he plans to come back to the finals at Dirty Turtle Offroad Park in Kentucky August 1 if his truck is “still in one piece.”

  • Truck name: Chemical Reaction
  • Owner: Nathan and Nicholas MacLaren
  • Driver/Where From: Nathan Maclaren/Ithaca, Michigan
  • Born: 11/26/1983
  • Years Owned: Truck was built 1 yr ago
  • Truck Model: Dodge Dakota
  • Engine: 540 big block Chrysler
  • Tires: 12.4 x 24
  • Lift/Suspension: 16 inch travel Bigshocks.
  • Awards: Few wins at local events.
  • Favorite Mud park/event: Mid Michigan Mud Run hosted by Chris Graves.
  • Fun fact about truck: Truck was built from ground up in my garage in just over 4 months time.
  • Facebook Page: Nathan MacLaren

WD: What got you into mudding?
Nathan: I drove my first pickup across a muddy field when I was 16 and have been hooked since.

WD: How did Chemical Reaction get it’s name?
Nathan: My first 2.5 ton race truck was alcohol injected and I was fogging it with nitrous and 116 octane race gas so the name just seemed appropriate.

WD: Are you Married/kids? What do they think of you racing?
Nathan: I am married with three children, they love to come to the races and are a huge part of it, couldn’t do it without the support of my wife and family.

WD: What is your Favorite truck besides your own?
Nathan: I like them all, too many awesome trucks out there to pick one.

WD: What keeps you in the game?
Nathan: It’s an addiction, racing is in my blood I love the sport and the friends I have made because of it.

WD: Any rituals/habits prior to race day?
Nathan: I always talk the track over with my best friend Ralph Madden and then once in the truck ask The Lord that he allow me to continue to provide for my family and keep me safe.

WD: What is one non mud related fact we might not know about you?
Nathan: I am a registered nurse when I’m not racing.

WD: What is the most important part of a truck?
Nathan: Rollcage/safety

WD: What is your daily driver?
Nathan: 2004 Dodge Diesel.

Courtesy of Busted Knuckle Films, check out Nathan in his run at Rush Offroad in the first race of the season.

Credit: Busted Knuckle Films



Credit: Nathan MacLaren




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