Married to Mud: Tim and Tammy Bohm

Married to Mud: Tim and Tammy Bohm

Down south Tim Bohm’s truck Jeepers Creepers is a one of a kind. You might be surprised to know which truck is his wife’s favorite though! We got a chance to catch up with Tammy Bohm, the wife of our most recent featured driver and truck.

WD: How did you meet?
Tammy: We met in high school-at a pep rally.

WD: What attracted you to your hubby?
Tammy: Tim has the most beautiful blue eyes. I turned around and saw these gorgeous blue eyes. I was done.

WD: He proposed how?
Tammy: Proposal…hmmm…there kinda wasn’t an actual proposal. It was assumed we were marrying each other sooooo no true proposal.

WD: Where was your first date?
Tammy: Our first date was to the movies – Hell Raiser – then out to the sand dunes to drive around in the sand/mud.

WD: Where did you honeymoon?
Tammy: We honeymooned at Walt Disney World – one week of just playing and having a blast.

WD: When you first met your man, was he involved with mud trucks? If so, do you remember his first truck? What was it?
Tammy: Yes. His first truck was a Datsun 4×4 on 36″ tires. Datsun became Nissan.

Wheels Deep: How many nights out of the week does he spend working on his truck?
Tammy: Tim owns his own transmission shop so he’s able to work on his toys at least five days a week. Sometimes more.

Wheels Deep: What runs through your mind when he gets behind the wheel?
Tammy: At first I worry-more about the others who truly can’t drive-after that I usually am just excited for Tim because I know he’s having a blast. Most likely rocking a huge grin!

Wheels Deep: If he’s had more than one truck, which has been your favorite?
Tammy: My favorite truck. That’s tough. His street trucks have always been pretty cool too. As far as regular street truck my fave is his current truck. His GMC Denali 4×4. As far as his mud trucks – he’s had six I believe but my fave is Jeepers. It’s just so unique.

Wheels Deep: What is the biggest pet peeve you have of him?
Tammy: My biggest pet peeve of Tim would be that he leaves Dr. Pepper cans everywhere!

Wheels Deep: What is his favorite dinner for you to fix?
Tammy: Well I don’t cook anymore. I’d order a fave at our house and I think a fave of Tim’s too – double cheese double meatball pizza from Sam’s Pizza.

Wheels Deep: What is your husband’s favorite TV Show?
Tammy: Tim’s favorite TV show was King of Queens. Now it’s Impractical Jokers.

Wheels Deep: What is a fun fact we don’t know about your man?
Tammy: Fun fact – Tim is an amazing cook – inside the kitchen, grilling/BBQ and smoking various meats.

Wheels Deep: Could you ever see your life without a mud truck in it?
Tammy: Yes. However, if it makes Tim happy, then I’d want him to always have his toys. He works too damn hard to not get everything he wants. He’s truly a great man.


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