Let’s Talk Florida – Part 2

Let’s Talk Florida – Part 2

Cha$in Paper – Peter Euerle
QueenSlinger Team West Nasty

WD: Any upcoming events you are looking forward to making an appearance at out of state?

One this question we also found the guys in agreement with wanting to go to Rednecks with Paychecks in Texas. Kevin saying “had a blast with the whole Texas Crew (at Bricks). James Fleckenstein , Mike Walsh, the whole crew!!! Can’t wait to head to Texas!” Frank and David also added they would like to go to a Louisiana Mudfest event as well. Peter, being the traveling man he is, also plans on “making several northern parks this summer again.”

Twisted Metal Performance – Frank Bagwell
QueenSlinger Team West Nasty

WD: Is there anywhere you wouldn’t go to take on a challenger in a truck pull or bounty hole?

In true Florida fashion all drivers questions said there isn’t anywhere they wouldn’t go to take on a new challenge. Of course none of our drivers want to lose their day job so let’s give ‘em some slack, but it’s seems they were all up for a good time and a little friendly competition.

WD: What is your favorite Florida park that you would like to welcome out of state drivers to attend?

King Krush- Kevin Lawrence
QueenSlinger Team West Nasty

This is one that is all over the board with our drivers. I think they basically named all of the big Florida parks with Kevin weighing in with “Okeechobee Plantbamboo plenty of mud, plenty of party.” Cosmo admitted it was a hard choice but concluded ”my home park is Central Florida Motorsports Park.” His second choice is Devil’s Garden, but also continues that “ August is approaching and there is a park I’ve never been to but I hear is the grandaddy of bada** mud parks in Florida, Okeechobee Mudfest, and I’ll be there!”

David give another vote to Plantbamboo saying “I enjoy the mud and there are plenty of places to bog. The people are cool, the party is fun at night, there is no curfew, and there are plenty of places to ride. We have a blast every time.” Peter gave his vote and invite to Redneck Mud Park (formerly known as RYC) and Iron Horse but adds “there are several smaller bogs we love going to also that have a ton to offer.” Frank also recommends Redneck Mud Park saying “ it’s a fun time in the mud and a great party!”

Kaptain Krunch – Cosmo Gali
Leggacy IV Photos

Overall it seems the crown has been passed a few times for the “best” park because I agree with Frank when he says “TCR (the former Triple Canopy Ranch now a music festival site)used to be the best prior to RMP and Okeechobee Mudfest was prior to TCR, maybe the new Okeechobee Mudfest will take the crown over again!”

When it comes down to it, Florida is a bog state from the top to the bottom and we welcome anyone that wants to visit with open arms, mud fun and a cooler full of Southern hospitality!

The ladies have their favorite parks as well and to no surprise they seem in line with their other half. “Personally my favorite Florida park would probably be Plantbamboo in Okeechobee! Place is huge!!!!! And its none stop fun! There is always something to watch or do” according to Tiffany. Viv likes “Central Florida Motorsports Park since that is where we were first introduced to the Mudding family it will always be my favorite! The owners are awesome guys & treat you like family.” Constance says “my favorite place for the pulls would definitely be Wildwood but Plantbamboo is definitely one of my favorite places because of the atmosphere. I like Redneck Mud Park too,  that one gets a little wild but it’s fun! Okeechobee will be opening soon so we will see how that one is” maybe add it to the list of faves!

Southern Raised – David Oberne
Michelle Harrell

WD: Ladies, Could you ever see your life without a mud truck in it?

Constance, ever the loving mom says, “At this time in our life no I couldn’t see us without a truck, because we enjoy hosting the pulls and entertaining the kids.  We even bring our two girls when we host the events at Wildwood.”  Viv also agreed that show couldn’t see her world without a truck and Tiffany adds ”even if something was to happen to King Krush we would build another one. This is our getaway and our chance to break free from reality and just have fun!”

WD: Final thoughts about being such a recognizable Florida Truck and driver?

Constance Groeb

Peter admits “I’m just a normal guy out there having fun and being a kid…with my mud toy!!!” and Frank says “I’m proud to be one of the few in Florida that’s able to bog so many events and show people a good time! It takes patience and knowledge to keep up and fix things event after event.”

Southern Raised – David Oberne
Triple-X Motorsports & Outdoors

David humbly answered that “ this is just something I can do to release stress and let off some steam, hang out with good friends and family and spend time with my wife and daughter and others that enjoy the sport. Where I can act how I want and don’t have to worry about the masses of society, just focus on what we enjoy!”

Cosmo gives us a heads up to “keep your eyes open” because “Kaptain Krunch is the smallest truck of my group standing only 10’ tall and 9.5’ wide and weighing in at 10.5k lbs, but there’s 4 wheel steer and at any given time he might get into something!” He also adds that if you see him “don’t be shy, say hi!”

King Krush Loves the Kids
QueenSlinger Team West Nasty

King Krush Kevin says surprisingly that “it’s overwhelming! But I keep it real! Good,bad or ugly I’m gonna say it!” He also add that “having Tiffany at my side helps, she’s my best friend! These are the best days of my life and I’m more than happy to share it with anyone who wants to ride!” The soft side kicks in to include “I love the kids! Those smiles are priceless!”


Photo Credit goes to: Leggacy IV PhotosQueenSlinger Team West Nasty, Michelle Harrell@michellesells904, Bobby Wummer & Triple-X Motorsports & Outdoors

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