KreamPuff Mega Truck – Team Rootin and Tootin

KreamPuff Mega Truck – Team Rootin and Tootin


  • Truck Name: KreamPuff
  • Owner/Driver/Where From: Linda (Big Money Momma), Driver Sean Welk from Jacksonville, Florida
  • Truck Model: 1987 Chevrolet Suburban
  • Engine: Big block Chevy 454
  • Tires/Lift: I run 12.4×24 bkt 135s for now,and the lift is a Dirt mcgirt custom fab 4link on coil set up
  • Awards/Competitions Won: No awards but did finish last in my first bounty hole a few weeks ago little tire problems
  • Favorite Mud Parks/Events:  Soggy Bottom Mud Park in South Georgia, favorite event is definitely T.G.W at Ironhorse Mud Ranch
  • Fun Fact about Your Truck and/or Yourself:  I got the puff as a shell no drivetrain at all it got dropped off at my house with the rockers in the grass
  • Facebook Page/Twitter Link if Available: Sean welk on Facebook or Captain Skilla on Instagram
  • Sponsors: Sponsored by my pocket and tons of hardwork dirtmcgirt custom fabrication Dirtmob photography and Bentley custom creations

How did you get in to the mud biz? How long have you been at it?

My pops used to have a 79 bronco on 44 gumbos when I was a lil tyke. Then about 12 years ago I got my first 4×4 a 1986 k5 blazer on 1/2tons and 35s


Married? Kids? Are they involved?

Not officially married but Linda is my favorite and I’m going to keep her. Yes, I have 2 beautiful little girls; Samantha and Rylynn. Sammie loves the truck but would rather tear it up on her four wheeler.

If you could get behind the wheel of any other truck which would it be? A favorite truck besides your own?

Tough question but ultimately would love to drive ABOVE ALL, LIVA KILLA, JOHN DEERE BRONCO so I’m ready guys just let me know when!!

What keeps you in the game?

The friends and family that the sport brings together and the love of horsepower


Do you have any rituals or habits prior to a race day?

I like to stay safe, so as a part of team rootin and tootin, we always have safety meetings before events

If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would you go?

Any vacation spot I would love to go to the west coast to experience some of there variety of riding sand rocks mud everything

What do you think the most important part of a truck is?

Most important thing, I know I’m going to catch heck because it’s all vital for a good setup but, I’m an engine guy the bigger the better

What is your daily driver?

I daily drive a sick stock 2000 s10 for work and tow the truck with a 1997 dodge 12valve 2500

What is on the Horizon for you/your truck? 

Hopefully the horizon brings big things for Team Rootin and Tootin trying to hits some big events around the country and with DIRTMOBs help I think it’s going to happen in a big way


How did your truck get it’s name? 

Can’t remember how it got it’s name anymore but, it still fits, KREAMPUFF

“Thanks again to roger with Dirtmob for the awesome shots and dirtmcgirt for the tireless nights working on the turd and Bentley custom creations for the vinyls and shirts and all the other sick stuff they make.”


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