We Just Found The MUD CRICKET Anthem And IT IS GREAT!

We Just Found The MUD CRICKET Anthem And IT IS GREAT!

On February 3rd Cypress Spring dropped their first full length album, “Denim” and with love in the air for Valentine’s Day, we sure are getting the feels about this one. WE <3 Cypress Spring. But seriously, the 12 songs on this album are fire! And we can’t wait to crank our speakers to the max in the woods, at the mud pit and rolling down the street to these tunes. If you need a boost in life, music to get you moving, we have found it.

With over 5 million views of their song “Way of Life” on Youtube with the Lacs and Danny Boone, Kalan Miller And Paul Roche aren’t complete secrets to the “country rap” scene. They have previously released, “Denim” & “Country Girl Twerk” which were both heard on the hit CMT Show, Party Down South. 

Already fans of those songs, we decided to pick apart the songs we hadn’t yet heard. One of our favorites being, “She Gets Rowdy.” And while we jokingly said this one is the Mud Cricket Anthem… It is one of our top picks!

“If you ain’t a country boy she ain’t got time, if it ain’t jacked up she ain’t gonna ride…. but since we do, it’s getting rowdy tonight.”

You all know that girl at the party, maybe you are her. There is no denying those country girls love a good time and this song nails just that.

Take a quick listen here.

Like every country boy, these guys sing about trucks, drankin and getting dirty and we like it. With artists like Colt Ford, The Lacs, Charlie Farley and more on the album, we’re sure to hear a few good time songs, there is no doubt about that.

We’re waiting patiently for the music video for the title track, “Denim,” Because we’re feeling like there is going to be some hot women in Denim in it. For those not living in the deep south (AKA FLORIDA), we’re ready for the warmth and the sunshine, our Denim shorts are getting a bit dusty in the drawer.

You can check out a few of the songs on the Denim Album in this preview on their youtube channel. 

You should certainly subscribe while you are there, so you don’t miss Kalan, Paul and the crew’s ridiculous antics. Like in this episode of “Way of Life – Redneck Olympics.” We especially love the dogs just chilling, giving zero f*&%ks about the serious games going on around them. Who do you think had the disadvantage with their “ride?”

Back to the point at hand, the album. We strayed a bit because we got caught up in their completely time wasting, but hilarious webisodes. haha. These two boys from Vernon, Florida, certainly have fun with life and have no problem making a fool of themselves for their fans. Don’t believe us… watch this “Behind the Jeans,” the making of the Denim music video to see Kalan in a full Denim, button down dress.

Be one of the first to see the premiere of the music video and win free stuff, by signing up here — > http://cypressspringmusic.com/denim/

For a full track listing, previews, and all of the music from the BRAND NEW Cypress Spring album, Denim… follow any one of these preferred music outlets below!

Tunes: http://averagejo.es/3UWL307EOYe
Google Play: http://averagejo.es/cOzz307EPda
Amazon: http://averagejo.es/bKLz307EPtC
Walmart: http://averagejo.es/DNvh307EPAg


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