A "Disgusting Love for Loud Noises, Big Horsepower, Getting Dirty, and My Mud Family"

A "Disgusting Love for Loud Noises, Big Horsepower, Getting Dirty, and My Mud Family"

Quite the character, Danny Christian keeps it fun in the Honkey Kong. The truck, a unique build, keeps it classy with the top off. Just like a mullet, business in the front party in the back… Keepin real, here is what this BA of the Week had to say…

  • Truck Name: The Amazing Honky Kong
  • Owner/Driver/Where From: The nearly world famous Danny Christian from Essex, IL
  • Years Owned: 3.48
  • Truck Model: 1971 Dodge Ramcharger
  • Engine: 496 bored and stroked Big Block Mopar
  • Tires/Lift: 23.1-26 R2’s rockin old school leaf springs
  • Awards/Competitions Won: Have raised over $2,000 with the truck for various Cancer funds through online raffles and T-Shirt Sales… Never won a race other then the first to break race
  • Favorite Mud Parks/Events: Kody and Cliff Kamm’s Kammapalooza
  • Fun Fact about Your Truck and/or Yourself: The name comes from a Big Smo song and I am growing a mustache now
  • Facebook Page/Twitter Link if Available: Whatever my Facebook account is.
  • Sponsors: Rayjus Graphics and Northern Illinois Steel

WD: What got you in to the mud biz? How long have you been at it?
Danny: My dad had a lifted truck when I was a kid and every kid growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s loved Monster Trucks

WD: Married? Kids? Are they involved?
Danny: I have a girlfriend that has been going to the events with me and lucky for me she likes it too. No kids.

WD: If you could get behind the wheel of any other truck which would it be? A favorite truck besides your own?
Danny: Man…. Worlds toughest question. I would have to say if I could drive anyone’s truck it would be Sail. There couldn’t be any repercussions though cause I’m launching that sucker if I drive it ha-ha.

WD: What keeps you in the game?

My disgusting love for loud noises, big horsepower, getting dirty, and my mud family… Oh and my job because without that I’m racing Powerwheels in the Walmart parking lot instead of driving a Pro Mega Truck ;-).

WD:  Do you have any rituals or habits prior to a race day?
Danny: Wake up Hungover usually works best for me.

WD: What’s one fun non-mud related fact we might notknow about you?
Danny: I once cooked dinner for President Jimmy Carter on a campfire in highschool. And we ate sitting on logs.

WD: If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would you go?
Danny: Las Vegas for the WORLD Finals… If anyone don’t know which World Finals you have to unfriend me hahah

WD:  What do you think the most important part of a truck is?
Danny: Uniformity… It’s a cop out answer but the whole truck has to work together.

WD:  What is your daily driver?
Danny: 2013 Dodge 3500 Crew Cab Dually

WD:  What is on the Horizon for you/your truck?
Danny: Skinnier tires to free up some horsepower (uniformity). Maybe Alky and Aluminum heads.

WD: How did your truck get it’s name?
Danny: Lots of beer and a Big Smo song…. It was going to be named Sergeant Shocker

WD:  Anything else we missed that you want to tell us about your truck or this lifestyle?
Danny: There is a tremendous amount of bitching, complaining, and whining… But I’ve never met a group of enthusiasts that would do anything to help another guy get on the track like we all try and do for each other. The Mega Truck world truely is a big happy family. ALSO Ashley Cooke is my HERO!!!

Check out these videos of Danny in Honkey Kong thanks to Muddy Time Productions 

All photo credit to Arnie Craft/We Got Mud




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