Heavy D of Diesel Brothers Responds To Hercules Call Out!

Heavy D of Diesel Brothers Responds To Hercules Call Out!

If the producers of your show call your new mud truck the “Baddest Off-Road Mud Truck,” You better be ready to back it


Just yesterday, the Diesel Brothers introduced “Hercules” and none the less… she bad. But… is she “the baddest?”

Not according to the floods of comments across the mud truck world. To say most were irritated is an understatement. Do these TV Show guys really know anything about the mud truck world?

Kevin Lawrence, Florida resident and owner/driver of King Krush officially called out the brothers. A post that has since been removed or we can’t find anymore. We saw comment after comment on his Facebook post and many others.

Now, the brothers could have sat idle, ignoring every “hater” comment they saw. But they didn’t, and mad respect was had by the mud truck family. Shout out to Heavy D for this response.

One thing is for certain… you just don’t mess with the mud truck family. We can’t wait to see these guys at a mud hole soon!

For more on the “making of a mud truck (Hercules)” Click —> HERE

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