"He Had a Bad Boy Vibe"

"He Had a Bad Boy Vibe"

Married to Mud: Most of you know the drivers of these mega trucks, but not everyone knows the wives, the girlfriends, the women who put up with the constant repairs, the heart attacks during crashes and spending in their bank accounts.

Some of you might know Twitty, some of you might not, but most of you know that K5 Blazer that Tote’s Two across the mud hole. Last I checked trucks weren’t meant to wheelie, but this guy has proved us wrong. Not only does Russell Twitty travel the country in his toter-home showing off the Liva Killa Mega truck, he runs his own mud hole, Twitty’s Mud Bog. It’s no surprise he has a pretty lady by his side to help do it all. Amanda Twitty, the one who said “I do,” to all his crazy.

Wheels Deep: He proposed how?
Amanda: We kept his family tradition by opening 1 present Christmas Eve , he had a lot of present under the tree for me… When he went to the back of the house to get my present, I thought whatever it was just didn’t fit under the tree. When he came back into the room, he got down on one knee, said some sweet things I cant even remember exactly b/c I was in shock!!! And then he asked me! It was a total surprise, we never even looked at rings or anything. We had 1 conversation about how much a ring should cost with a hunting buddy of his, and they both said something like $400 or $500 right? He asked me what I thought and told him what I’ve always heard, like 2 months salary. He all most choked and him and his buddy were carry on so. Well, I told him if he couldn’t spend more money on a ring than he spends on a hunting lease for 1 yr, well don’t even bother….

Wheels Deep: When you first met your man, was he involved with mud trucks?
Amanda: Yes, he had a ’82 short bed Chevy

Wheels Deep: Where was your first date?
Amanda: Comedy House in Columbia, SC

Wheels Deep: Where did you honeymoon?
Amanda: Cancun, Palace Resort ( which was a surprise to me)

Wheels Deep: How many nights out of the week does he spend working on his truck?
Amanda: 4 ish, depending on what happened the days prior, it has been 7 just about non stop

Wheels Deep: What runs through your mind when he gets behind the wheel?
Amanda: Well…everyone knows what comes out my mouth…LOL. I ALWAYS get extremely nervous and I that’s why I just have to let it out!!! And I do pray each time for God to keep him safe. I have to say, it really all the depends on the place and type of event. I know he is safer in that truck than his everyday driver and LORD knows he has “checked his roll caged” and IT WORKS!!!

Wheels Deep: WHat is the biggest pet peeve you have of him?
Amanda: He doesn’t throw ANYTHING AWAY!!!

Wheels Deep: What is his favorite dinner for you to fix?
Amanda: Fried chicken wings and fried cabbage

Wheels Deep: If he’s had more then one truck, which has been your favorite?
Amanda: I have to say Liva Killa is my fav

Wheels Deep: If you had to root for another driver besides your hubs, like pick a favorite.
Amanda: Who would it be? Jordyn of course

Wheels Deep: What is your husband’s favorite TV Show?
Amanda: American Pickers and Pawn Stars

Wheels Deep: Could you ever see your life without a mud truck in it?
Amanda: Not really, but if I did WE could have a REALLY NICE vacation home!!!

Wheels Deep: What is a fun fact we don’t know about your man?
Amanda: He can Shake it Off, Shack it Off!!! (inside joke)

Wheels Deep: What attracted you to your hubby and how did you meet?
Amanda: His eyes, smile and height and well he had a “bad boy” vibe that just drew me in .. and we met at a wedding…

Amanda and the Wheelie King

Amanda and Twitty’s extended family
Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 3.20.14 PM



Thank You to Ricky B and Luce Del Sole Photography and all the other photo takers!

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