He Changes Hobbies, Like He Changes Underwear

He Changes Hobbies, Like He Changes Underwear

Married to Mud: Most of you know the drivers of these mega trucks, but not everyone knows the wives, the girlfriends, the women who put up with the constant repairs, the heart attacks during crashes and spending in their bank accounts.

Lesha Priest is apparently married to the color orange and Randy Priest changes hobbies like he changes underwear. You have probably seen that big orange and white Dodge they call Mud Stick at events. Randy has admitted in the past he isn’t very competitive, and he “just likes to be out there,” but that may all change when he debut’s Quick Stick, his new race truck during the MTS races this year.

Wheels Deep: He proposed how?

Lesha: He proposed to me on New Years Eve at a party of about 75 of our closest friends. I had no idea he was going to do it.

Wheels Deep: When you first met your man, was he involved with mud trucks? If so, do you remember his first truck? What was it?

Lesha: No, he had a chain-driven rail buggy. Orange in color of course.

Wheels Deep: Where was your first date?

Lesha: Our first date was to Dixie Speedway. A dirt track race that he was in.

Wheels Deep: Where did you honeymoon?

Lesha: Las Vegas, Nevada and the Grand Canyon

Wheels Deep: How many nights out of the week does he spend working on his truck?

Lesha: 6 to 7

Wheels Deep: What runs through your mind when he gets behind the wheel?

Lesha: I just get nervous that he is going to get injured.

Wheels Deep: WHat is the biggest pet peeve you have of him?

Lesha: Him spending a lot of money on his hobbies!

Wheels Deep: What is his favorite dinner for you to fix?

Lesha: Pork chops

Wheels Deep: If he’s had more then one truck, which has been your favorite?

Lesha: Mud Stick

Wheels Deep: If you had to root for another driver besides your hubs, like pick a favorite..who would it be?

Lesha: I can’t pick a favorite!

Wheels Deep: What is your husband’s favorite TV Show?

Lesha: He doesn’t have one. He doesn’t watch TV much. He is always in the shop!

Wheels Deep: Could you ever see your life without a mud truck in it?

Lesha: Yes, cause he changes hobbies like he changes his underwear! LOL. He has had 6 major hobbies since we been married.

Wheels Deep: What is a fun fact we don’t know about your man?

Lesha: He is scared to death of doctors and needles!

Wheels Deep: What attracted you to your hubby and how did you meet?

Lesha: He was the life of the party. He was cute, very out-going, and fun to be around. We met through friends.


Randy Priest - Mudstick



Thanks You to whoever took these photos. We take no credit in any photos. I see one watermark for Scotts Pics! Yall make sure you check him out HERE!

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