Let’s Talk Florida – Part 1

Let’s Talk Florida – Part 1

Down south we love our mud and with that comes a love for big trucks. Here in my home state of Florida we have some of the biggest and baddest in the south (totally my opinion!). Now before you get mad, I’m not saying we have the only heavy hitters by any means, but I am saying we sure do have a few of them.

I posed a few questions for our drivers to answer since they seem to be at the center of controversy quite often. Challenging Heavy D of Diesel Brothers, calling out James and his Mega Dually. These Florida drivers seem to like a little friendly competition. Let see what some of them had to say! Their wives and girlfriends even weighed in as well!

Twisted Metal Performance – Frank Bagwell
Photo Credit: Bobby Wummer

WD: What makes Florida Trucks and Drivers so BadA**?

Kevin Lawrence of the notorious King Krush says is it because in Florida “we’re able to play all year!” Kevin also notes “we have multiple parks with a mass of events, plus we’re the home of TGW!” Kevin’s girlfriend Tiffany adds, “We get to play year round, never to cold out. We have 4 parks with 2 major events a year. Let’s just say us Floridians know how to party!”

Frank Bagwell, driver of the previously named Twisted Metal truck, points out “Florida trucks bring out the new style and technology. There’s always something new and competitive going on around the state.”

Cosmo Gali of Kaptain Krunch made it clear “we don’t back down or back out, it’s like this, if the Florida boys show up, you’re gonna get a show one way or another. Make it or Break it.” while his wife Viv includes “ the guys will drive their stuff until they have to put on trailer in parts just to have a good time and they never leave anyone behind. They go out of their way to help all!”


Kaptain Krunch – Cosmo Gali
Photo Credit: Leggacy IV Photos

David Oberne, driver of Southern Raised,credits being BadA** to the fact that “we love to bogg… We don’t care when or how, we just love to do it.” He goes on to say  “it’s about hanging out with friends and burying the truck in the biggest hole, just to see if you can get it out. Drive it like you stole it mentality.”

WD: Some of the Florida Heavy Hitters recently went to Brick’s Off Road. What is the best part of attending an out of state event?

This is one thing everyone was able to agree on. The best part of any out of state event is the people you meet. David added “hanging with guys you have become friends with but only see once or twice a year” yet still “have a great friendship because of enjoying the same things.”  

Peter Euerle, driver of the well known Cha$in Paper Mega Truck, says the best part is also “the memories, the kids, the mud, and the ability to meet people I’ve been friends with through Facebook for years in some cases.”

Frank includes that “it opened my eyes to the culture and the way trucks are built in different areas.” “Meeting Daniel Roberts and Dan Sinclair was incredibile” according to Kevin and Cosmo likes “showing support for the state you’re going to  and getting to experience new things.”


Constance Groeb and Cameron Groeb
Photo Credit: Triple-X Motorsports & Outdoors

The ladies also agreed that it is the people that they meet along the way and at the events. Viv admitted “ I went to Brick’s just for the sole purpose of meeting Scott & seeing his truck SAIL in action, meeting James and Frankenstein was a plus & there again Kevin drove his truck in reverse just to put on a great show!” On a side note Tiffany also jokes “the crown apple just seems to taste a little better when you’re 15 feet in the air!” I’m personally sure that is at any event you go to though!

WD: Ladies Only, Be Honest, how much time does he really spend with his truck? Do you help him?

Viv tell us about Cosmo, “When not working he spends a lot of time with truck, yes I help but not too much with the mechanic issues.” Tiffany says “Before an event I don’t see him for a least a week lol pretty sure he sleeps in his truck just to make sure it’s ready! Other than that he is all mine the truck stays at the shop or in our yard and that’s the only time we see it. I can’t say I love helping clean the truck after an event, but I definitely don’t mind helping him get it done.”


Cha$in Paper – Peter Euerle
QueenSlinger Team West Nasty

Constance didn’t seem bothered either saying “before an event he will make sure everything is ready to go and fixing what needs to be fixed but besides that not much more time. I love to help him with the truck if it’s something I’m allowed or can do lol like helping load or unload it or helping lift the truck to its full height since we lower it for traveling.”

WD: Florida drivers have now called out Heavy D and Hercules as well as James with his Mega Dually Frankenstein… Who’s Next? Anyone you personally want to go toe to toe with on the pull pad?

The always confident Kevin answered “Anyone! Anytime or Anywhere! Win or lose it’s about the people and the fun.” David has pulled at Cowboys Orlando, Fl but says there is no one in particular that he would like to go against. He adds “I called out Kevin and Cameron to tug against (at the January event) and set my truck up to tug  because if I’m gonna do it I want to pull with the best. I lost against Cameron and never got to go against Kevin.”


Southern Raised – David Oberne
Photo Credit: QueenSlinger Team West Nasty

Frank points out that “big trucks are just that. BIG TRUCKS. More so like tractors. It’s takes a lot to move them around and transport them. The heavier one will always prevail on the padang the lighter one will prevail in mud. I’m in the 28L class of Trucks and would love to try Hercules.”  Cosmo compliments James and his Mega Dually saying “he is an awesome person and his truck,that’s one bad b***h” but “Heavy D ain’t in the same world as we are.” Cosmo does say though that “ the next one I would like to see is Dan Sinclair with his Punisher on the pull pad” ending with “you call me out, I’m gonna pull your s**t til I win or break.”

The ladies had their input as well on this one with Tiffany joking “we all know Heavy D is not ready to play with the big boys but he can give me the keys to Hercules and I’ll show him how to play with it. As far as James and his bad a** dually, Brick’s will definitely not be the last time we see him on the pull pad!” Viv says “I want Hercules & the Diesel Brothers to make an appearance at a Florida event even if it is just for entertainment. I believe that since we are supporters of their show it would draw a huge crowd  & give everyone great publicity.” Constance wants her husband Cameron to go “another round with Frankenstein.”

WD: Only for the ladies, Has the friendly competition ever worried you that they will become more that friendly?


King Krush- Kevin Lawrence
Photo Credit: QueenSlinger Team West Nasty

Tiffany said, “even when the boys start their s**t talking before an event it’s all in fun… Most of the time. Kevin has a very level head he just wants to party and has fun play with his truck. See how hard he can push the limits!”

Viv and Constance (Wife of Cameron Groeb) both agreed that they just joke around and the competition will always be friendly.



Photo Credit goes to: Leggacy IV Photos, QueenSlinger Team West Nasty, Michelle Harrell@michellesells904, Bobby Wummer & Triple-X Motorsports & Outdoors

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