Caiden's Corner

Caiden’s Corner: An Interview with Kenneth Smith Driver of Never Enough

Caiden’s Corner: An Interview with Kenneth Smith Driver of Never Enough

Caiden Copley is as an 11 year old with an intense passion for mudding, the off road world and mega trucks. He’s even started his own “Mega Mud Magazine” which he writes, prints and distributes all on his own. You might see he and his dad Brian Copley at events around West Virginia where they live and sometimes beyond. Caiden is an inspiration to kids everywhere, in that when you have a passion for something, you go after it. We’ll be featuring some of Caiden’s interviews in “Caiden’s Corner” a new feature here on Wheels Deep. Way to go Caiden!

This is Caiden’s interview with Kenneth Smith the driver of Never Enough Mud Truck of Parkersburg, WV.

Caiden: What are youre tire sizes?

Kenneth: 39.5 bogger rear/q buckshots on front or 42 bogger rear/38 bogger front

Caiden: How big is your engine

Kenneth: 615 cubic inches

Caiden: About how much hp does your truck make?

Kenneth: Well over 1000!

Caiden: What was the fastest pass you’ve ever made in it? That is if you remember?

Kenneth: I dont recall but getting faster and faster

Caiden: What axles do you run?

Kenneth: Ford 9” rear dana 44 front

Caiden: Built or bought?

Kenneth: Built not bought

Caiden: If you built it how long did it take to build i?

Kenneth: I started 18 years ago changes and improves every year

Caiden: If you bought it how much did it cost?

Kenneth: More $$$ than I have kept track of

Caiden: What’s your favorite thing about your truck?

Kenneth: Very few like it anywhere

Caiden: how long have you had it

Kenneth: Went to the bronco 8 years ago



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