Autism Mega Truck – Because Autism Is Not For Wimps

Autism Mega Truck – Because Autism Is Not For Wimps

Some do it for the rush. Some do it for the sport and competition. Others, do it for the kids and the cause. We got to take a moment with Dave and Patty of the Autism Mega Truck. Dave does it for one of the strongest kids he knows because Autism is Not For Wimps!!

  • Truck Name: Autism It’s Not For Wimps
  • Owner/Driver/Where From: Dave Conoran (driver) owns the truck with fiance Patty Barrett  from Punxsutawney, PA
  • Fun Fact: The truck was a ground build up by Burton Kreative Motorwerks in Dayton, OH
  • Truck/Model:   Chevy
  • Engine:   540 big block chevy
  • Tires/Lift:  14.9×24″ BKT 171 Cut and scooped
  • Awards:   we run the Throttle King Series, started in the series in 2015, finished 2nd and 5th at the events and qualified to attend the National event.  Finished 3rd in 2016 at the Cornfield 500 in Corry, PA

WD: Favorite Mud Parks/Events?
Dave & Patty: Running the Throttle King Series Events

WD:Fun Fact about Your Truck and/or Yourself?
D&P: (We enjoy) the joy and excitement it brings to kids (of all ages)

WD: Facebook Page?
D&P: Autism Mega Truck

WD: Sponsors?
D&P: Myself and mostly family……(but looking for others LOL)

WD: What got you into the mud biz? How long have you been at it?
D&P: Fun with friends… I have had jacked up trucks all my life

WD: Married? Kids? Are they involved?
D&P: I am engaged …. I have 2 kids and everyone of us in involved with the truck in someway or other

WD: What keeps you in the game?
D&P: The fans

WD: Do you have any rituals or habits prior to a race day?
D&P: None really however I get terribly nervous before an event

WD: What’s one fun non-mud related fact we might not know about you
D&P: I am an over the top thrill junkie

WD: What do you think the most important part of a truck is?
D&P: the safety equipment

WD: What is your daily driver?
D&P: 2012 Dodge 2500 Cummins

WD: What is your day job?
D&P: Salesman in the recycling industry

WD:What is on the horizon for you/your truck?
D&P: Lowering the truck and suspension work

WD: How did your truck get it’s name?
D&P: my nephew has Autism and loved the first mud truck we had

WD: Can you tell us a little more about the cause your truck is built for?
D&P: My nephew is the driving force behind what I do with the truck and he and his family attend every event. We have displayed the truck at car shows that support Autism and we have taken the truck to our local summer camp for kids with special needs in our area and spent the day with them. I also whenever possible attend the local “fairs” in our area and participate their local bogs.

WD:Final Thoughts?
D&P: Patty and I would like to thank everyone who has had a hand in supporting our cause.


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