A Trip to Twitty's Mud Bog – MTS Race #3

A Trip to Twitty's Mud Bog – MTS Race #3

This weekend we took a trip to Twitty’s Mud Bog for the 3rd Mega Truck Series Race of the year. If you have never been to Ulmer, SC to visit, it is one of the most welcoming tracks we’ve ever been too.

While Twitty’s Mud Bog doesn’t draw thousands, upon thousands of spectators at it’s events, what is does draw is some of the most loyal fans and drivers within the industry that you will ever meet. But not only are those folks great, the Twitty family and staff are pretty awesome too. The Twitty kids, Jordyn and Wyatt are some of the most hard working I have ever seen.

From the moment you arrive at the park you sense a feeling of gratitude from everyone there. Whatever you need, they will help you with. You’ll watch driver’s and competitors help each other fix their trucks and even swap out parts so another can run.

You’ll watch children playing and laughing and families bonding and having a good time. The atmosphere is light and chilled out and unless you are running the event itself, things are pretty calm, cool and collective.

Ulmer, SC is by far a thriving metropolis, not even close to one. There is no glitz or glamor. What you get at Twitty’s Mud bog, is a real experience with hard working people who aren’t trying to please or out do the next person. You meet genuine people who care about you and the things you are involved with and You create memories, that will last a lifetime.

If you haven’t been, we suggest you find one of the events this fall and make your plans now, you won’t regret it.

I didn’t get enough pictures, but here are a few with some of those awesome folks at Twitty’s I mentioned earlier.

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