2015 Wheels Deep Muddy Superlatives – The People's Choice

2015 Wheels Deep Muddy Superlatives – The People's Choice

A couple of weeks ago we decided to start the 2015 Wheels Deep Muddy Superlatives. As our first full year of being a new website, we weren’t sure what the response would be, but with nearly 5,000 votes… You guys really came through. The fun thing about our awards are, they are all voted for by YOU. YOU voted for your peers. YOU wanted to win. An now… drumroll please… Here are your 12 Wheels Deep 2015 Muddy Superlatives.

Most Likely to Flip/Crash … Drive the Wheels of Their Truck

Photo Credit: Picture Perfect Studios/Shelby Marie Whitehouse

  • 1st: Matt Newell in No Mercy
  • 2nd: Daniel Mundy in Air Mundy
  • 3rd: Michael Trotter in Any Truck He Drives

“Crashes happen, it’s a part of racing and pushing the limits! Every time I get in my truck I am there to put on show! Fasten your seatbelt a 2016 is gonna be WILD!!” – Matt Newell.

The Mud Hole Clown. The one always causing trouble, the one who is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Photo Credit: BLM Photography

  • 1st: Randy Oakley
  • 2nd: Tripp Pullen
  • 3rd: Keith Spiker

Most Likely to Complain About Race/Track/event Rules First

Photo Credit: Jim Daniels/UORA Photography

  • 1st: Keith Spiker
  • 2nd: Jason Haber
  • 3rd: Kyle Adams (Please note Kyle had only 4 votes and was FAR behind the first two)

Biggest Mud Family Fan/supporter

Photo Credit: Wister Ritchie

  • 1st: GA Dawgs SickEm/Rusty
  • 2nd: Chris Kage
  • 3rd: Sabrina Cummings

“It’s a Honor to be on a list with such a Great group of the Muddin Family & Friends I’ve always Been around Big trucks and the mud. the sport of mudding has grown from what used to be and i have met so many people and made some awesome friends and have seen lots of awesome trucks when the trucks went from 44s to tractor tires it’s totally different . I can remember watching and taking vids of someone crash or roll and not move a inch but now that I have met so many of these guys it’s hard to do because ya wanna drop and run over to help them get out or make sure they are ok just because we are all Family so there is no way I could have done this without the help of my Muddin Family so thanks for all the Help ,shares and tags and I look forward to all the future events and I hope to be at many more of them and again many Thanks to my Muddin Family !!!!! HMB/HMT BAMM  – Rip Lil Al” – GA Dawgs Sickem – Rusty

Most Likely To Get Stuck

Photo Credit: Anna Bennett

  • 1st: Kevin Johnson in Loud and Proud
  • 2nd: Gary Musler Jr. In Wicked Over Budget
  • 3rd: Russell Twitty in Liva Killa

“Some may think getting stuck is a bad thing. Me not so much. If you ain’t stuck you ain’t trying! Thanks to all of my friends and extended mud family for the votes. Till I see you again keep it safe and keep it muddy. Thank you.” – Kevin Johnson

Most Likely To Cook the Best Dish

Photo Provided

  • 1st: Roger Gilley in the Wicked North for His amazing Cheeseburgers, Onion Rings and Fried Stuff
  • 2nd: Christa N Chris Credeur – With Louisiana’s Finest Food
  • 3rd: Amanda Twitty – With Everything She Cooks

“Thank you to all my family, mud family an friends. I appreciate you taking the time to vote. Thank You Jon Balzarini for nominating me. Guess We will have find something really good to cook up at the first mud run, lol” – Roger Gilley

Cutest Mud Couple

Photo Provided

    • 1st Kevan and Tanya Ricks
    • 2nd: Dakota and Lacy Malmay
    • 3rd: Melissa and Rob Streeter

“Thank you to everyone who voted to make us Muddin’s Cutest Couple! We started out with a $1,500 hunting truck to find a hobby together. The hobby has definitely progressed but also brought us closer. He builds it, I break it and repeat! A couple that plays together stays together We are looking forward to another exciting year in 2016, see y’all then! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” – Tanya Ricks

Most Likely to Win Freestyle

Photo Credit: Dirt Mob

  • 1st: Russell Twitty in Liva Killa
  • 2nd” Scott Green in SAIL
  • 3rd: Grant Charlick in Second to None

“Wining two fan voted awards, first TGW and now this is huge. It’s super cool to have that many fans close to you on both of those polls. Scott Green always gives me a run for my money. He is one of my best buddies out there doing what we do. We’re looking forward to 2016.” – Russell Twitty

Cutest Bromance

Photo Credit: HD Broadcaster

  • 1st: Randy Oakley and James Wood
  • 2nd: Chris Foy and Herby Dorsett
  • 3rd: Michael Hurston and Barry Thompson

“Hahaha too funny. I think it’s hilarious that people see me and Randy as having a “bromance” relationship…. But hey, if the shoe fits!” – James Wood

Your Mud Queen

Photo Credit: Luce Del Sol

  • 1st: Jordyn Twitty
  • 2nd: Mary Manley
  • 3rd: Melissa Streeter

“I’m so proud to be the mud queen of the year! I appreciate all of your votes! I clearly had some tough competition! Especially when the wonderful Mary Manly is one of your biggest role models! Ily! This year has been great! I still can’t believe I am the Throttle Queen and now the Mud Queen! I am very blessed to have an amazing mother and father who let me do what I do and as a family! Love you and thanks for every thing!  Also, I am thankful for my best friend Cameron and bub Wyatt!” – Jordyn Twitty.

Baddest Mega Build of 2015

Photo Credit: Jim Daniels/UORA

  • 1st: Above All – Dustin Ramacher – Built by Dustin Ramacher
  • 2nd: Hell Raiser – Daniel Crayton – Built by Robert Diterlizzi
  • 3rd: Intruder 2.0 – Barry Thompson – Built by L And W Fab

“I definitely appreciate all the people that voted and it make all the hard work I put in to the truck pay off knowing that people think it’s as badass as I do . 2015 was a short year for the truck but still make it to 8 events ..I look forward in to 2016 as a year to make more friends and events I can’t wait !! Watch out for ABOVE ALL in 2016 !” – Dustin Ramacher

Favorite Play to Play/Attend an Event


  • 1st: Michigan Mud Jam
  • 2nd: Barnyard All Terrain
  • 3rd: West GA Mud Park

“This is great news! We had a lot of tough competition in this poll! Every park is great for something for different reasons but to be picked as The People’s FAVORITE place to play, we must be doing something right! Thanks to all of our family, friends and supporters! You are what makes our park so much fun!”  – Melissa Streeter

That’s it folks! Thank You for all your participation, for being such good sports and the support in 2015. Looking forward to a big 2016! See you on the road! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!






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